Mary Elizabeth Cylindrical Printer

For Plastic bottles / Cans/ Pen / Pencils / Glass bottles etc.

we present this Cylinderical Thpe Printer for Print on any cylinder Surfaces Such as Plastic Bottles / cans/ pen / pencils / glass bottles / Aluminum bottles / Tubes.
Print Length & print width can be adjustable and also you can adjust the printing item moving up and down distance.
mostly there is a pnumatic lock to lockup the material in pin registration and razor mounts for hold.

Print Size Customize sizes
Print Speed 3-5 sec
Print Materials Any cylinder type materials
Print Counter Yes
Print Memory Yes
Operating Foot Treadle / Automatic
Strokes Up to 3 strokes ( can be customize )
Screen Size Adjustable
Print Stroke Adjustable
Print Diameter Up to 100mm
Operating Air Pressure 6.0 psi
Voltage 230v/ AC 50Hz/ Single phase

*air composure not included