Baskerville A2

For T-shirts, UV, Heat Transfer, Stickers etc.

For fabric items according to this machine print area 18” x 24” this can print T – shirts items basically and any flatbed items.

When you are printing one color print you can directly apply t-shirts \ or fabric on to our machine bed and print.
If you are willing to print more than one color you have to use board system.

Print Area 600mm x 500mm or customize
Print Speed 5-8 sec
Print Materials T-shirts, UV, Heat Transfer, Stickers
Print Counter Yes
Print Memory Yes
Operating Foot Treadle / Automatic
Strokes Up to 3 strokes ( can be customize )
Screen Size Adjustable
Print Stroke Adjustable
Print Thickness Up to 50mm
Operating Air Pressure 6.0 psi
Voltage 230v/ AC 50Hz/ Single phase

* Vacuum bed & air composure not included

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